Clarksville, Maryland 21029 USA Email:    website: WebMaster: BT Past Meetings Links Join us on Meetup Home Page About Us Sept 3, 2006 Video “Life After Life”, Discussion & Sharing NDE Stories October 29, 2005, Saturday, 2:00-4:30pm Topic: IANDS Conference, NDE Stories, August 28, 2004, Saturday, 2:00-4:30pm Topic: Video, Oprah Winfrey Show with Sharon Stone (Jul 30, 04)  Sharon describes her NDE & the impact on her life, click here for video link. April 1, 2006 Speaker, Chakras and Auras Discussion & Sharing NDE Stories & Mystical Experiences Apr 1, 2007  Astrologer Kari Noren-Hoshal, Astrology and the NDE Mar 3, 2008  Mark Rogers,  Experiences with an Avatar Click here for video of Mark’s presentation. (Soon to be released) Apr 6, 2008  Geoffrey Morell, a practicing naturopath and medical intuitive.  Click here for video of Geoffrey’s presentation.   Video #2 Apr 20, 2008  Nationally Known Realist, Surrealist Artist & NDEer (Sept 1977) “Views on his NDE, spirituality, love & how you can	apply all of this to your life” Art Website:   NDE account: NDE video clip Nov 2, 2008 Near-Death Experiencer  Neville Johnston, author of “Hidden Language Codes” died from gunshots in 1977.  Click here for video of Neville’s presentation (mpg 173 meg).   Also see: Mar 3, 2013 Don Hoes Speaks on, “Out of Body Experiences and how they relate to our New Age of Higher Consciousness”. Listen or download the mp3 Audio file: 24 meg.  Click Here,  See also: Nov 3, 2013 Mary Grace: Author: The Communion of Saints: Talking to God and Grandma, Published by Tao Publishing   Presentation Click Here, 406 meg .wmv video file. Learn More About Mary Grace and her book at